With next-gen tech tools, BlueQuo makes headhunting simple, cost-efficient, high quality and effective.

When tasked with developing a Branding & Identity strategy for BlueQuo, we encountered the intricate challenge of striking the right balance between projecting professionalism and fostering a sense of approachability. The challenge lay in creating a visual and communicative identity that exuded authority and expertise to attract discerning clients, while also radiating warmth and approachability to resonate with potential candidates who sought a more personal and collaborative experience.


Establish a Distinctive Brand Identity

In formulating a Branding & Identity strategy for BlueQuo, our central goal was to establish a distinctive brand identity that would elevate the agency's recognition within the competitive landscape of talent acquisition.


Enhanced Market Presence and Meaningful Connections

We developed a sophisticated visual identity that struck a balance between professionalism and approachability. The agency's logo featured an elegant, custom-designed emblem that symbolized the synergy between clients, candidates, and the agency itself. The color palette was carefully selected to convey trustworthiness and innovation, while the typography exuded a sense of authority and modernity.